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NfuOh Logo

Company «Nfu Oh» was introduced to the world market in 1996 in Korea, by a world famous nail artist miss Enfu Oh.

Nowadays «Nfu Oh» Nfu.Oh is a world leader in nail design materials and accessories. Great choice of acrylic powders, amazing accessories chart and a nail polish color uniqueness received a perfect grade from a huge variety of nail technicians all over the world. «Nfu Oh».

NfuOh Logo

«Mosaic» – professional nail product series that were created by several nail art masters with a great experience. All products were highly tested, before gone series.

Mosaic products uniqueness is in «Mosaic» harmony between good products quality, affordable price politics, easy to work with, ergonomically packed and absolutely compatible. Compatibility of combining gels with each other gives big potential for creating amazing designs and astonishing extensions with less time and money costs.

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