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Nail forms
Nail files
Accessories and tools
Disinfection and care treatments
Professional Liquids
Cuticle oil
UV Lac
UV gels
Acrylic and pigments
UV and LED desk lamps
Nail art


Delivery in Estonia is done by
Omniva courier and Itella Smartpost postal services.

For all other destinations we offer 2 types of delivery: Internarional registered Airmail or DPD courier services.
You can choose the preferred delivery method during the checkout process.

Please mention, that standard airmail delivery to some EU destinations may take up to 14 working days!

Choosing the DPD courier services, we will send an order tracking number to Your email, after sending the parcel. You will have a possibility to see Your parcel route and status. In case of registered AIrmail, you will get a tracking nr that you can use to track your order on your local Postal services website. Please bear in mind, that pack will be available to track on your local postal site, only when it enters your country territory!

Delivery destinations

We offer worldwide delivery, except in the following circumstances:
- If there is an official distributor in your country of the brand, which products you would like to buy
- In case you would like to buy flammable liquids (including nail polishes) with a delivery outside of EU countries

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