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Mosaic gel paints. Use like paint, wear like gel! Colour gels that dont go wide. Gels that dont fade. Womens day sale! 30% off


Amazing Nfu.Oh hand lotions. Luxury package, perfumed hand lotions os 12 different scents. Moisturizes skin and regenerates skin cells.


Nail extension and design education. More than 15 educational programs and the list of courses is constantly growing! Internatinal certificate. Education is held in small groups (maximum 4 students) or individually.


The most soft and easy to work with acrylic system in the world by Nfu.Oh. More than 140 different color acrylic shades! There are more colors than you could imagine.


Largest choice of accessories for nai designs. Absolutely unique Bling Bling glitters by Nfu.Oh, pigments, smallest fine art glitters and matt snow glitter with its special effect.


More than 100 shades of nail polishes, including unique opal, hologram and chameleon silky shades!


Professional nail drill by Promed with a choice of drill bits for all the nail techs needs.


Great choice of professional brushes created by working nail designers with big experience. You can use our brushes for all types of material for nail design.


Mosaic color gels are 7 pure dense colors that you can use to obtain thousands of different color shades. Color gels are perfect to mix with Mosaic pigments that give special effect. No need to buy a variety of color gel pots that you probably need for 1 set. Mix your color in the quantity you need.

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